Sunday, August 30, 2009

And again...

Oh geez stardoll, again? Really? This is the THIRD time they gave out a Hot Buys two times. At least we get to pick between 6 or 7 stardollars. That's a tough choice, I'll probably have to ask somebody! It seems like there doing it on purpose or something!
I love the glasses though, so I don't care. =)
What do you think? Funny or annoying?


Lauren :O said...

I buy them both :P
Lol so later on if I want to sell one of them I still have one.. but you can't sell these. you might want to add they are different sizes :P

Vintage Vixen said...

This is fourth time this has happened.
sweater, purse, socks, and glasses.

katara4 said...

i bought the cheaper one ^^

Lies153 said...

Lauren, you cant sell the other one! XD