Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Helou. :P

Stupid post name,I know.I just didn't know what to write. :D
I got new bannerS,tnx to katara4,she really did great job.I will get one more so I'll have few to use.I just wrote funky_ana and Stardoll Fashion Passion,she did the rest. ;D

Want something about Stardoll? :D
I didn't know what to write,so I just wanted to show you one more Stardoll mistake.Nothing much. :P
Click on picture to see better. (:

Also,I like doing makeovers.Write in comments if you want one. <3


katara4 said...

lol, the picture... XD
i see stardoll makes some changes again, but i really hope, that there will be something new, which would be great (like to sell our jewellery xD)

btw i want a make-over ;D

Anonymous said...

Hello. I would love a makeove! I am 27limegreen27 on Sd. Thanks