Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outfits With The New Hotbuy Braces Shorts :)

Heyy :)
I made some outfits with the new hotbuy brace shorts :)
Heres my first one:

With this outfit, i tried to make it very bright and bold. I didnt want it to look boring and dull so i added some red heels, some yellow, turquoise and red braclets and yellow, turqouise and red belts. also i made my lips red to match :)

heres the second one:

In this one i tried to go for a more girly look than usual :). I added a cute little pink flower in myy hair, a pink beaded necklace , a pink bag and some creamy/pinky heels. This outfit is more for the summer than the other one.

Which one do you like the best? xx


Emma peel said...

Hot, Lol.

Love it.

Hollymay06 said...

Lol Thanks so much :)

Rare-Trading said...

Love them both!

katara4 said...

i prefer the 2nd one - but i love both *-*

starszn said...

1st one! (: Lol but both are cute!

-crazy_queen- said...

heeyy im -crazy_queen-
i just joined ur cool blog! i love it :]

oh and it was starszn who made me join!:]