Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Top 30 List - 3 - 1

So this list was judged on two criterias. The first was our personal judging here at Stardoll Fashion Passion where we scored the beauty of the doll, style of the clothes, etc. The second was the popular vote. Whoever had a lot of votes would make it high up

Paulina recieved the highest score in our personal judging. But it is not all about what we think. Kim Kardashian surprisingly recieved the most overall votes. For some reason, she seemed to be included in most people's 5 votes. Mary Kate Olsen won because she had extremely high scores in Both Criterias. She is a force to be reconed with and has the best overall doll on the Stardoll Website.

Comment on what you thought of the list in its entirety.

Inspire Others,

xo, Adrienne


Anonymous said...

EW kim kardashian

Wooldoor said...

3 of my votes were in top 5 yay!

katara4 said...

i knew that mary kate is 1# xD
but who is kim kardashian?? xD
i think pauline deserves 3# :)

naomi_b said...

ohh mary kate
why didnt i think of her! yeahhhh!

Adrienne-Miranda said...

yeah i didn't think kim kardashian would be as high as she was but I had to be fair. She recieved the most overall votes.

taranee25 said...

I don't really like first two, but the whole list was a really good idea!