Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Makeovers time! :D

Helou. :D
Katara4 and 27limegreen27 wanted me to change their medolls. :)
So here's what I did...



What you think?
Like it?
Hate it?
Want one?
Tell me in comments ;)


Anonymous said...

Man! I LOVE It Thanks!! 27limegreen27

katara4 said...

cool... i like it very much =]
thx so much ;D

tearb said...

Hey i love them both.....
could you do me a make over that would be really cool....and cool blog :)

tearb said...

oh yea i forgot to say that my stardoll is called tearbear123

StardollsModelsINC said...

I'd love a make-over please,
if its ok could you add me?
my name is lushous_beauty on stardoll, and also if you could, could you do the smokey eyes look?