Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hotbuys September 2009!

YEAHHH!!In the end Stardoll Magazine realised September Hotbuys!I really like them by the way the clothes are not minimal ,but they have many colours!What do u think?


katara4 said...

There's the candie's handbag!! and, there's standing that this bag will come out on the 30th august.. its already in shop (19th august)
is this a glitch? xD

i really love the bkacl / pink dress... it looks like le *-*

Rare-Trading said...

I love the pink bag with the bow, the beret, the wedges and the ballerina dress. I can remember nearly buying that in Topshop!

Naomi said...

quite colourful stuff
dont know why they candie's bag is placed
i like the pink and black dress and the other one too

Gemma (74Modell) said...

Maybe the Candie's bag will change in to a hotbuy.
They've done that with quite a lot of stuff.
Like, the FOLK Sunhat with black ribbon got changed in to a hotbuy.