Monday, August 24, 2009

Get more then the clothes!

Also get Avril's bracelet and perfume!

Will help for HotBuys Bazzar we've been able to get them! Know for the clothes you can just check the post below (Posted by Funky_ana) on how to get the clothes without using the proxy! Or you can use the manual proxy, your choice!

Anyways, do the following!
1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 80
2. Go to
3. Join the club and you get the perfume

4. Go down and on the right there is a case in which you have to invite one person. It doesn't matter who, then you have the bracelet.

Thanks Jenna, and good luck everybody! :D


Brooke said...

spread the word like her kids LOL LOL


katara4 said...

cool.. thx..
i got the bracelet but i cant join the club >.<
i want the parfum XD

Cherries648/Neon said...

The proxy worked yesterday,
but it does not work today anymore.
I got the stuff though. (;