Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone,
I have made a few makeup tutorial since being on stardoll so I decided to give you guys one of my first and favorite of them. The look is fairly general and isn't a specific look. It just shows how to get that superstar look for your medoll and show the true beauty that you have

So I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to comment when you get the chance
xoxo Adrienne


Adrienne-Miranda said...

I hope you all like it =]

Don't be too harsh! lol
Just a look for all seasons
If you have trouble finding the right look, you can always go back to this =]

GiveLoveAChance said...

This is really cute! :]

xSlap_Shot8711X said...


katara4 said...

wow cool.. ^^