Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maybe they should think it more throughly?

Stardoll really think before they post or do things!

It's kind of a pointless post but it's kind of funny to see the things stardoll does...wrong!!

Well they first of all must not have a really good track of what's in the starplaza and starbazaar

Or maybe it's their funny way of telling us that they write Paulina's articles but then they don't!
Don't get it? Look below:

To cute stardoll, to cute.


Vintage Vixen said...

Great eye you have here!

naomi_b said...

yes vintage vixen is right lol!

Caghma.Maboula said...

Your absolutly right about those Hotbuys sandals.hapilly I've "bought" them when they were 0 sd :)

for that Paulina thing Stardoll wasnt lying, its just that Callie interviewed Paulina.
But I still dunno why they said "paulina" first then callie...

Weird Stardoll.