Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adrienne's Superstar Makeovers

So for my first Makeover on this blog, I decided, who better to makeover than the admin, Daddysangel02! She was gorgeous before so I wanted to give her a new type of beauty. So I decided to go for the look of a Greek Goddess.
Do you like it?
Love it?
Hate it?
Whatever you feel about this makeover, be sure to comment about it
I'll talk to you all later
xoxo Adrienne


Ashton Eramya said...

WOW Cool, I love it, but isnt her username daddysangel02 ?

katara4 said...

wow i love it too... ^.^
but i prefer the 'old' one...

Adrienne-Miranda said...

oh whoops.. sry i wrote it really fast and its late here haha I'll change it my badd

Adrienne-Miranda said...

hahaha I changed it
its like 3am so I'm not thinking very straight haha

Sorry Again! lol

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

Cute! you should do more!!

Becka said...

She looks better after the makeover.

xSlap_shot8711x said...

i like both

starszn said...

I love them both! However i prefer the old one as well

Emma peel said...

I Like the old one better, But the new one is alright.