Monday, August 10, 2009

New Design, Plus colors?!

OMG, this dress is actually kind! Plus it's non-superstar?!
Wow, stardoll, wow!
It kind of looks layered a bit.
The colors are kind of like every other but it's still hot.
What do you think of this dress and the colors?
Fab or fail?


Rare-Trading said...

Oo.. That is cute.!
And its only 5 stardollars. I'll go make one now.! Plus u can get it for free if you do the play and earn!

Cherries648/Neon said...

I love it! :D

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

i really like it, im wearing it in purple.

starszn said...

I lovee that dress! (:
The new designs are really nice

katara4 said...

i really love this dress... MAYBE i'll design one... ^^

Girlworld_club / Ishtar♥ said...

Love the Blue, and ♥ The Dress.
What more can i say?

xslap_shot8711x said...

i think the blue goes good with that dress