Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help? :[

Today I was editing my club a bit and I saw something weird happened!Week ago,I upload pics[see them on pic under] and I got mail that they can't be uploaded.Even idk why[they arent moving,and person isnt on pic,size is also good].Now it seems they are uploaded,but still not on clubs homepage.Can somebody help me? [;


talonofthehawk said...

This happens A LOT..
There`s absolutely nothing wrong with the picture, but it is declined anyways.
But I`ve uploaded a couple of new pictures for my clubs in the past month and the situation has actually seemed to have gotten better. Before, pictures that were perfectly fine would get rejected more often than they do now.
Just try again and see what happens, and if it won`t work, then I suggest using different picture, but maybe try making it look similar to this one if you want.
Hope this helps. (:

Lalagoo42 said...

dkny is trade mark, but thats my only guess

Brooke said...

i have no idea
maybe it was automatic and it wasen't bad but it didn't fit their passing thingy

katara4 said...

hum... it didnt happen to me..