Monday, August 17, 2009

Aliens in the Attic Winner?

I think we found the Ashley Tisdale Winner? Remember the Aliens in the Attic Comp?
I didn't join it, I thought I did but I just recently found out I wasn't even in the club.

I joined and answered the poll but that didn't work.

Anyways, I got a message from Ashley251214 saying she thinks she won the Ashley comp. Kinda weird..Ashley Tisdale...Ashley241214. Lol.

And to continue...

I checked out her suite and there were the three items.

Anybody else win? Anybody know how? Should I have joined the competition? Lol. :)

So congrats and sorry for not posting so much. :)


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

cool! if anyone has any that they could sell to me, contact me please :D

katara4 said...

i havent got these three items... but i really want to, i love them so much.. *-*
so, if anyone of you have it and is able to sell it, please tell me ;D
(I think everyone wants them ^^)

Mickyy 'ND Memacha said...

I think Lea_4ever owns the items too.

funky_ana said...

Whoah that girl is really lucky she has most of rares that few people has and now this! :D