Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Buys- Your Review!

Actually it's Bluegreen86's review on the Hot Buys, but still. :D
Want to know what she thinks? Then read on!

The Picture above is the item being reviewed.

Word from Mel:
Overall I think the hotbuys are decent! Personally, I love exciting and exotic clothes from stardoll and I am a bit tired of the Topshop clothes! However some are nice!

Fudge Hotbuys Scarf- cute but I definitely would not buy it, unless its 3sd!

Miami Shirt- Once again cute, but I would not buy it! I think this is one of the items that back up my words when I say the hotbuys are boring.

Hotbuys Purse- Mel: cute, but a little too youthful for my taste! I am not a fan of the sparkley pink with gold.

Hotbuys Beret-Deffinitely one of my favorites because it is a bit more versatile, and I think I could even make it a fierce shirt, but I still do not know whether or not I would buy it!

Hotbuys Rainbow dress- I actually like this dress! I could see my medoll wearing it! I would not wear it in real life, but on sd its cute for a flirty look in the summer!

Hotbuys Bubble Dress- Deffinitely cute, but im not sure how many times I would be able to work with it, so im not sure if it will be worth the sd!

Hotbuys Tights- I think they are super fun, and I will love to see all the outfits girls come up with while wearing them, but they are not for me! Very Vegas!

Hotbuys Sandals- They are okay, my opinion will be based on what they look like in the shops, and how much they cost! Haha.
Hotbuys Candies Bag- Its okay! its very girly and fun, so I think alot of girls will be able to work with it (Maybe in creative ways)!

Hotbuys T-shirt- I like this t-shirt and will deffinately be buying it! I could wear it a bunch of times and its very chic and fun at the same time!

Hotbuys Coat- Deffinitely my favorite item, or at least I think! I will be buying it, and I love the pattern and think it will look very amazing on all different types of Medolls!

Thank you so much Mel for this Review! It was great and I mostly agreed! :D


Rare-Trading said...

Good review but I wouldn't agree with everything.. Creative Diffferences? Ha..
Amm.. I love the pink purse with the gold bow. Even tho its a little childish. I love the girly feel from it.
And the Beret thats probably one of my favourites. Perfect for the upcoming season. The studded detail is what I love most about it!

katara4 said...

i agree a little bit with rare-trading..^^

Naomi said...

i too agree!

Lauren said...

See I always like everything Hotbuys has to offer. I will be buying all the hotbuys. The only hotbuy I haven't bought lately is the Topshop shirt. I'm buying everything for sure though this time! Interesting review though.