Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Mail button!

I think it's new at least!
At the bottom of your mail, left corner. There is a button that says "Mark all as read"
It might be kind of helpful. But I'm guessing it's only for that page?

I'm not sure if this will do much for me anymore but it might help out alot of other people!

What are your ideas on this? And how come I always end in a question? :D haha.


funky_ana said...

I saw that today and I wanted write post about that but i didn't know was that new or not so I would look stupid if I write and it's not true haha -.-'' * uPs :D *

katara4 said...

i saw it too, but i didnt take notice of it xD
i think its quite helpful, especially if you havent seen a mail...