Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pick of the day, but not in shops?!

The HotBuys Overknee socks were the pick of the day, so I clicked on them. I was brought to the starplaza, now usually when you click you get taken to the starplaza and there on you, but they weren't. There not even in shops! I checked Evil Panda's shop, I check the green, all that glitter but nothing! Now tell me something, when was it suppose to be released?


Naomi said...

It was supposed to be out on 21st august
btw does anyone like it?

GiveLoveAChance said...

Yikes, stardoll needs to hurry! :D

Ah, I guess it's okay.

katara4 said...

i think it will come out tomorrow (monday) ... strange ^^
but that happened too with the blue hb bag

talonofthehawk said...

Aha, it`s been like this for what? 3 days already?
I guess Stardoll`s just being lazy again..

Brooke said...

lol good job sd

Lies153™ said...

I have them! XD