Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moxie Girlz-New Shop!

I got a present from stardoll admin and it was a Moxie Girlz Poster. I clicked on it and it lead me to the starplaza.

This is what I saw!
I kinda want that boom box. :P

They don't show up in the new section either.

Moving on, there's a Moxie Girlz Shop!
Do you think it's here to stay or just stardoll advertising a little?

I can't say I love the clothes but I can't say I hate them either! The Dolls kinda scare me a little...


Naomi said...

Dont you think the hair are tooo long
i mean its not in a good propotion
anyways the clothes are quite colourful
what do u think about those different coloured shoes!

talonofthehawk said...

The shop front won`t show up for me! And in the morning, the clothes were in the `new` section, but now they are gone and you can only find them using the `most popular` section and I think, using search.