Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tips (Make Up-Outfits)

I was looking around,getting ideas and creating so after a long thought I decided to give out some tips that in my personal opinion would be useful to many people.So here we go:


Nowdays a good and cheap make-up at the same time it's really difficult I can say even though many of us try to make it.Well, I don't know if this make-up is in an ideal price for you but for me it's beautiful and not quite expensive at the same time so I think I should give it out and you can try it if you ever want to.It's a makeup for all seasons especially summer and spring but still seasonal every time.
Price: 20$

Things you'll need:

1.Eyepencil White (SEPHORA)

2.Mascara Black (SEPHORA)

3.Jumbo Eyepencil Purple (SEPHORA)

4.Jumbo Eyepencil Grey (SEPHORA)

5.Jumbo Eyepencil Flesh (SEPHORA)

6.Maniac Lipstick 13 (SEPHORA)


1.Put the White Eyepencl around the eye area

2.Put the Black Mascara (Take care so it will be the same in up and down eyelashes too)

3.Cover with the Purple Eyepencil almost half of the eye area above

4.Continue the combination by Flesh Eyepencil and finish it with the Grey Eyepencil

5.Cover the Grey Eyepencil with the Flesh one, one time to get skin's colour (light brown)

6.Finish the makeover with a lipstick in light tons such as pink or purple


This outfit is a choice for people who don't have/want to spend their money but still want to look beautiful.Ideal for parties,any similar celebrations.You can wear it and impress since it takes very good opinions too.Its price is around 30$ so I guess it's cheap but still elegant don't you think?

Another solution it is this outfit which is ideal for parties and other celebrations.It's in formal way,elegant and gives you a unique style.Believe me more of you you'd be glad to wear it.It's an awesome combination of clothes including the new Stardoll Couture Dresses.Its price is around 40$.Maybe expensive but modern and fashionable so for people who want to look original,fresh and beautiful I suggest you that one.I totally got the best opinions wearing it so don't hesitate to try it as well!