Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hiya as some you may know I have a club where I hold comps quite oftenly.

This comp was to create a LADY GAGA inspired look, and alot of people did a great job.
There were quite a few that i liked these were:
Sinanus (her outfit was good but it was not seen on gaga)
xshopoholicox (her outfit was also amazing)
_liebesgirl_ (I also liked her entry)

But finally I was stuck between 2 people!
Yes I had to choose a winner between two who had such amazing enteries,the two were:

It was soo difficlut to choose between them,
but I had to choose one,
and that was
...drummm roll......


here is her look:
Please visit her!
Also visit flipinhamaria 's album to see her entry because it was also amazing!
P.S. I did not do this to advertise my club, I did this because it was part of the comp that I will post the winner here!.