Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kohls/Abbey Dawn 2009 are Out!!

Yeahh!The time who everybody were waiting it's now!Kohls/Abbey Dawn 2009 are out and the most exciting is that all are non-superstar!All of them are cheap,the most expensive reaches the 10$!I absolutely love them!What do you think?

Well the most important thing that I want to say at this post is that propably thoso clothes will dissapeared as Miss-Sixty,so run and buy as many pieces you can!


Okay, so I was bored and looking for something to post about so I searched my name into the find friends search bar and I came across this that I can send myself a friend request I circled the bits to prove that it was a glitch check it out:


Kohl Clothes Out!

The new Kohl clothes are now out in the starplaza!
Also, none of them are superstar and they are quite a reasonable price. To be honest I like this collection better than the first one :D
here are the pics:

what do you think? xx


Hey!I am Vasia and I am here to inform you about Stardoll's latest news...
Finally,we have more spoilers from minishop this time...they are musical instruments,some of them will be re-realesed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Hot Buys Shoes- Their Hot!

OMG! The Hot Buys Shoes are for free! Probably a glitch, so you better hurry and get them! Just look under new (as shown in the picture) and go and get them!

I think their friggin awesome! Probably because their free...

P.S. This is why you should always check the starplaza!

NOTICE: They are for superstar only, as seen in the image.

Hot buys Jumpsuit is Out!

the Zebra Print Hot buys jumpsuit is now out.
What do you think? (say as a comment)
personally I like it and I think that its a pretty good price for 10 stardollars!
the only thing I would change is the baggyness of it but except from that I love it!
here it is:


Hi I'm a new writer for this blog
Thanks Jackie :D
I am so excited to be writing for this blog its awesome!
My banner is just for now until I make a new one I'm not really good at making banners!
Anyway, I will post as much as I can!
thanks xxx

Real Life Pictures- Abbey Dawn, Candies, Other

For Candies I didn't include everything.
Since I noticed that some of the items WEREN'T in the Abbey Dawn collection I decided to check out the Candies section, they were there. So I Divided the post!

Pictures from Kohls :)

This is the ones that where in the Abbey Dawns Section.

These are the ones found in the Candies Section.

These images were actually not in the Candies Or Abbey Dawn Section.

I put Stardoll Fashion Passion across them so nobody could take the pictures and take credit.

Please do take note that not everything is featured here just as much as I felt like doing. But I think it is alot. :) Mostly everything was included except a few jeans, accesories, and shoes. :) If you'd like to see something you can go look it up at kohls or ask me in comments! I will gladly do that.

One more thing (haha)

This is the picture from Rosie's post below.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peace out from Mars!

Hi Guys! I'm rosie333. and I'm glad to announce that I'm the latest addition to this wonderful blog! Hopefully I will be getting a new banner sometime soon but anyway.... A NEW ABBEY DAWN COLLECTION IS ON IT'S WAY.

Abbey Dawn is a collection by Avril Lavigne, it is generally quite punky, casual and affordable.My favourites have to be the black ripped jeans, the scarves and the I love Rock tee. It should be a great collection, maybe we will be getting a Candies collection too.

Picture credit Stardoll Gossip Mania.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New writer needed

We need one more new writer for the blog.
You can write in comments which will be the easiest way for me to see and write why you think you should write. If you have any other blogs please use them as a refrence for me to check out. You can message me by mail but I think it will be easier if you do it by comments.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Make-over for Shoppbabe12

This is kind of one of those things I do when I just want to have a little fun.
No real purpose, I just love doing this kind of stuff. As if some of you remember I did some other people a while back like TatCinderella. :)

Anyways this one is Mike(Shoppbabe12)

As for the make-over here it is:

I'm sorry but I just love to change the hair color! :) And changed the hair style.
As you can see I did. I also put on mascara but you can't really see because the eyeliner(black) covers most of it. Then I also put some black eye shadow near the eyes not all around though. Oh and of course white eye shadow just at the tip of the eye(front). Oh and I didn't add earrings this time I did a headband. :)

Also, if I end up doing a make-over of you it doesn't mean I think your ugly I just challenge myself to change your look to a completely different look! :)

Seriously?? Like really?

Is this some sick sick joke?? What does N/A stand for? Not achieved? LOL And My medoll is balding.. wow I have exactly enough and NOTHING!

Ps. I'm have a FABULOUS time in Australia! It's so beautiful!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I'm not superstar so I pretty much do whatever I can think of.
Anyways, I visited Blackmambayeah and went into her starbazaar.
Then I noticed she got all her designs in her sale for free?
Is it because of her designing? Or is it a glitch?

Just a bit curious.

August Hot Buys

The August Hot Buys:

I don't know what to say. I can't really say I like this collection to much.
The Sunglasses, the earrings, and maybe the skirt are about the only things I like.
But that skirt also looks like the Hot Buys From the Winter doll.

Love it? Leave it? Comment.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keep your account safe..

Okay, I just wanted to help you to keep your account safe. Especially if you use a proxy. A person sent me a link to a blog to get this "free dress" I visited her page and noticed she had been hacked. I visited the blog and knew it was a scam.
Honestly you have to put in your password, the page won't load to let you go to the starplaza where your suppose to get your "free dress". Please don't fall for this. If you do put your password and then it doesn't even let you get the dress you should immediatly go to your account and try to change your password! Maybe go to another computer and try. But be quick because you never know when they are checking it. Also, after you use a proxy (if you want to be extremly safe) change your password. Now if you use proxies alot maybe you shouldn't change your password unless you are going to write it down on a piece of paper. Of course don't lose that paper!

Please be safe with your account.
You might think "Oh it's not going to happen to me" but wouldn't you rather be safe then sorry?