Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mary-Kate Or Stardoll?

Hello! :D

Today I was visiting a friend (will remain anonymous for now)
and I noticed she had this grey jacket. Not just any grey jacket, it seemed very familiar!

I took a printscreen and then went to Mary-Kate Olsens suite and there is was! It was Mary-kate's but it was one of the new collection stardoll added to her suite.

Was this released at a point of time and I just hadn't known about it? Or is there a "special" loophole type way it was got and then sold to her? And how come her version says "skinny jeans" ? So many questions! Also, I looked in the starplaza and didn't find it. But then it could be because it used to be in shops. But I don't recall it being in shops, at all.


Stardoll Gossip Mania said...

There's a cheat for getting it!
I have it too :P
No point to be anonymous, everyone has it now :P

Lies153 said...

Wich cheat????? =O

DaddysAngel02 said...

Haha, yeah after that everybody started getting it. And I still don't have it I know you need those jeans but I have them. Now I don't know what to do!

Lies153 said...

wich jeans???

Lauren said...

Well I know it too but people are actually paying to know so my friend told me not to say :)

Gemma (74Modell) said...

Plus there is a difference so it isn't the actual jacket!
The Skinny Jeans one is wider and shorter and the REAL MARY KATE one is thinner and longer if you look carefully.

DaddysAngel02 said...

Yeah, I also noticed that. But people would still consider it the same. :)

Lies153 said...

Lauren, i wil pay you if you say it!!=]

Wooldoor said...

Hey Jackie... is that friend who i think it is?