Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I'm not superstar so I pretty much do whatever I can think of.
Anyways, I visited Blackmambayeah and went into her starbazaar.
Then I noticed she got all her designs in her sale for free?
Is it because of her designing? Or is it a glitch?

Just a bit curious.


Stef! ★ said...

There was one time that the t-shirt was in 0$ :)

Bluegreen86 said...

Wow! That is so weird! I wonder why!

DaddysAngel02 said...

Are you sure it's that t-shirt?

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

Jackie as I know it was a glitch a while back when stardoll by mistake made some designs costing 0sd like the swimsuits and the shirts and people of course decided not to let it go so they started designing for free and then selling their items.
I think that's prob why you saw them for free.