Sunday, July 12, 2009

Valentines Dog

Hello! :)
I'm not sure if this was posted while Valentines day. But I was looking through puppies and found this dog that looked exactly like the stardoll dog and it was. :) Just it was at a different angle.

(there is no news lately, so please don't critize on 'late')


Lies153 said...

Sooooooooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

aww! <3

Against.PERVS on Stardoll said...

I didn`t think this cute be a real dog! soooo cute! It was a joke of nature I think, but a very very sweet joke! Must be a popular puppy! ha ha


DaddysAngel02 said...

I was just looking up puppies and I was like wait a minute I've seen this dog! I think it's so cute and is probably a sweet dog. I mean come on a dog with 2 hearts?! Gotta be sweet! :)