Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moonacre items- Still work!

The Moonacre items are still for free!

When you log in and you have put the codes of the things you want in you should log out. I am not sure what happens if you don't log out but everytime I see a blog with a proxy it says make sure to log out.

You can either use the proxy:
GoProxing.com or DaveProxy.co.uk
Or if you prefer you can look up a uk proxy. :)

For me the goproxing doesn't work so I have to use the DaveProxy, I don't know why it won't work either.
For those two links first you put in stardoll.com/en/user then log in. Then there is a URL thing were you have to put the Moonacre codes in. Now some of them might not work, it's not my fault.
The Codes:
Necklace: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17940
Dog: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17944
Cake plate: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17993
Piano: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17977
Piano Chair: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17990
Chest: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18088
Crystal Ball: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18165
Painting: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18166
Rabbit: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18168
Seashell bed: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18463
Flowers: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18464
Mirror: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18465
Doll: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18501
Lion: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18502
Unicorn: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18503

[ Credits to Club Free Stuff ]


Anonymous said...

thnx i got it

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