Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changes : )

Hey!Sorry for not posting lately,I'm busy. :S
Anyway,I logged on today and saw new changes that StarDoll made.Now,when someone visit you,you don't see 0 min ago,1 min ago,1 hour ago,1 day ago ect,now you REALLY see when he vsited you.You can see 2 hours ago,5 housr ago ect. I like this. :D
Second change:When you go on your friends list,you can see how old is he and where's he from right there.
Also on clubs topic there is also 2 hours,5 hours ect. :)
And when somebody is looking at your clubs list,they don't see anymore We_love_DKNY.,they see We_love_DKNY. haha.
I saw those changes,did you see anything else? (;


Anonymous said...

Yeah I did some more changes.
When yew received friend requests yew opened one and then when opening another one the previous was closing.But now you can open as many as you want!

Ana said...

Kool. :D