Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Real Life Pictures- Abbey Dawn, Candies, Other

For Candies I didn't include everything.
Since I noticed that some of the items WEREN'T in the Abbey Dawn collection I decided to check out the Candies section, they were there. So I Divided the post!

Pictures from Kohls :)

This is the ones that where in the Abbey Dawns Section.

These are the ones found in the Candies Section.

These images were actually not in the Candies Or Abbey Dawn Section.

I put Stardoll Fashion Passion across them so nobody could take the pictures and take credit.

Please do take note that not everything is featured here just as much as I felt like doing. But I think it is alot. :) Mostly everything was included except a few jeans, accesories, and shoes. :) If you'd like to see something you can go look it up at kohls or ask me in comments! I will gladly do that.

One more thing (haha)

This is the picture from Rosie's post below.


Rare-Trading said...

I like some of the clothes especially the scarves, the black strappy shoes, the black and white zip up and the pink tank. Cant wait for the collection to be released.

DaddysAngel02 said...

It looks pretty good! I just hope it's cheap-ish! Haha!