Sunday, July 26, 2009

New writer needed

We need one more new writer for the blog.
You can write in comments which will be the easiest way for me to see and write why you think you should write. If you have any other blogs please use them as a refrence for me to check out. You can message me by mail but I think it will be easier if you do it by comments.


Maria said...

id love to write for this blog!
i dont have experience writing for blogs but i do own a magazine called Timeless which is in the works and i do a lot of writing and graphics for it :)

thanks for considering me!
my stardoll username is likwhoaitsmaria

Adrienne-Miranda said...

Hey Hun,

My name is Adrienne and I am a writer for Stardoll Mania. I have a lot of experience and would love to write for your blog

One of my most recent articles is called "How To: Get the Most Out Of Your Stardollars". And that is a perfect example of the creative articles that I can come up with when there isn't much new on Stardoll.

Here's the link to that article:

Just a little taste of what I would be like as a writer. Check out the whole blog and see what you like. I have a lot of time on Stardoll to write and I am possitive that I would be perfect for your blog.

Thanks for your time and I hope that you choose me

xo, Adrienne

p.s. you can contact me on Stardoll as well. My username is DaBayBeez

Thanks again and goodbye!

GiveLoveAChance said...

Both of you girls are under consideration. It's weird that nobody is asking to write when before when I wasen't hiring everybody wanted to! Lol!

Naomi said...

i really really would love to be a writer
my name is naomi and i m 14 and my stardoll id is naomi_b
my blog is
i know how to use blogspot very well
and i beeing having my own blog i get all information that a writer might be needing
besides that i have been on stardoll since almost 2 years so i know about it
also i know proper english so ill be able to communicate well

i promise that if i am been given a chance....i will surely do well
please do give me a chance i promise i wont annoy u

i love this blog
i love writing
i love stardoll and fashion!


Imagica Vasia said...

I love this blog and I'd love to write for it...
I write for many blogs, and more...I know how to use blogger,I speak 3 languages and very good...
If you give me the opportunity to write for this blog,I will give my best!!!

Wooldoor said...

I would love to be a write because this blog has ever since been my favorite...



Hayleighxspidersmurder said...

i want so much to write in this blog i love this blog i love writing in other blogs and my nickname on stardoll is hayleigh1998 i am everyday online at stardoll

i write in:

Laura626 said...

Hi, I am Laura626.
I would love to write for your blog. I read it all the time, I find it very interesting and it's graphics are great! The reason why I think I would be a good writer is because I have wanted to be a writer my whole entire life. I have actually written 3 books, 1 which has been published in Australia and England. I also think that I have the writing skills as I use the right grammar and spelling. I would be a great writer also because I keep my eye out for little things that matter during stardoll that some people miss. This would be a great start to write for your blog!

I am also writing for and hope to be the new writer of

Kind Regards,


Elenor said...

I would love to write for this blog because I have much time to spend on it, and much thoughts about Stardoll that I would like to share!

I love to write and I also try to put a lot of pictures into my posts so they wont get boring!¨

You could also check out my blog:

Gemma (74Modell) said...

I'm Gemma (74Modell) on stardoll.
I'd love to write for the blog about anything to do with stardoll! I'm best for writing about fashion but I can do anything else! I'm sure I can definitely write for the blog and I can do all different stuff on it!

Check out the blogs I write for:

xxx Gemma

Hollymay06 said...

Heyy Jackie,
Its me holly
i would love to be a writer for this blog and i would be very active in this blog. I have had a blog called and it was quite popular, but i stopped posting because i forgot my password but i now know it LOL. I can do different types of posts like which outtfit is the best and i would also make my own banner. I always come on this blog every day to check whats new and its awesome i would love to writ for this blog it would be a honour but i understand if there is someone else chosen. Please consider me as a writer thanks hun :D

Hollymay06 xx

Hollymay06 said...

its me Holly again.
i forgot to say in my other post that i will be good at any job and not just post about 1 certain thing. If i was a writer i would try and post at least once a day.I think that all the other girls who have wanted to be a writer have a good chance too so good luck to them
thank you hun xxx

Chloe said...

i really would love to write for this blog because it also has the best gossip,tips and etc
and i can bring them to the blog to.i also go on stardoll a lot in a day so i can write about new things and write atleast 1-3 post aday.

i am also in a competion to write for gossip-stardoll which i got into the final 30 and now write for

my stardoll username is angelme12345

Kate said...

I would LOVE to write for the blog because I would post as much as you like.
I don't post as much on stardollstuff as I'm quite busy with fashion thoughts. But I would post on here as much as possible because you would rely on me!
Thanks x

rosie333. said...

Hi Jackie! I've written on quite a few blogs including Stardoll's Most Wanted and Fab Fashion both owned by emorox4eva and I have guest blogged for PSG (you can no longer see my article as Perez said she has taken them all down) and Gossip Stardoll and I'm currently writing for Fab Fashion and Gossip's Next Star, links are on my blogger profile under blog's I follow if you are interested in previewing my writing. I'm active on Stardoll and will post whenever I can about whatever I can, I'm creative and have a great personality which I'm sure will integrate well into this blog.

Thanks for reading! Rosie333. (remember the . )

Trelara15 Vote Me Covergirl said...

hiii...i am trelara15 and i have a very good blog named:
i have much expirience with writing for a blog and i write fir much blogs...if you choose me i will make posts every day!!!

marieta_vj said...

This was just the thing I wanted!
Listen, I manage a blog called It's a great blog! Bust I just got bored because I was alone there and I realised that I didn't have fun. So I really wanted to write for this blog because: I'm a follower and I always read posts. I have much experience with writing a blog and you can visit my suite If you need more bits about me. I'm marieta_vj

Yours Truly, Maria

Rare-Trading said...

Hi Jackie.
I'd love to write for your blog. I have a little bit of experience from when i wrote for if you do look at that I'd prefer you to look at the most recent posts because those were when I had learned how to use blogger properly. I'd post a lot and do projects for the blog. I've a lot of ideas and I think I could do a good job.

Illusion said...

Hello! How are you? I am very interested in writing for your blog. I have loads of blog experience and I am very active on Stardoll so I can keep up to date on all the news. I can make my own graphics and I am very good at grammar. I really think it would be a pleasure to write for a great blog like this! I have a Blogger account as you can see. I also own a blog called

I restarted it so it may look new. I restarted it, mainly because I thought it needed a little DIY.

Another important thing is I am completely 100% experienced at Blogspot. I know my way around things such as adding pictures to your posts, how to change the settings and how to edit your posts.

My Stardoll username is Popmusicfan123. Please come by and check it out.

Thank you and good luck to everyone applying for the spot as new blog writer! =D

Muffins0012 said...

I Would dream of writing for the blog. I Have these amazing talents:

I can take screenshots
I Have a banner
I Make mature posts
I Own a blog alreaddy

Adrienne-Miranda said...

Hey, I was just wondering if the new writer has been chosen already.