Thursday, July 16, 2009


aHello everyone, looks like Stardoll has put up 2 new hairstyles. The first is from Agyness Deyn & the other one is from Amy Winehouse. Take a look.

Old hairs are being replaced. The second Beyonce hair is already replaced, but the Aggy hair didn't replace anything. Look at another new hair in the photo below. It will so be replaced. Also the second hair under this, is new. But I cant see it. Thanks for the image. There is 2 more new hairs thanks for xlou26 and Katara4. The short one is from Robert Pattinson and the longer one is from Christina Millian 2.

There is another new hair from Robert Pattinson, thanks xlou26


katara4 said...

i havent known that i'm on this blog here xD...
i'll follow it nnow..

i like most of the haircuts...