Sunday, September 6, 2009

Working the Hot Buys Beret

At first I was thinking of doing a poll but it's a little to late and I probably wouldn't find to many people with it on!
I was going just about to but then I thought about it and was thinking about how many people would still have it on. So I changed my mind!
Anyways, here's some looks I created with the beret...
Look 1- Kinda a more dressy look!
Look 2- Just a everyday walking on the street type look.
Look 3- It could looks like a shopping look to me.

Love it? <3
Hate it? :
(Sorry about the image I noticed it was messed up after but I was to sleepy to fix it)


katara4 said...

hmm.... my fav of these 3 outfits is the 1st one... because i really love the dress...^^
but i like all of them :D

Brooke said...

i love them all
i think for whatever thing it is it goes good with
1 a party
2 fun to wear
3 a fun party


xoxoJ said...

I love all of them, the second one is actually the one that caught my eye first but the other too are stunning as well.