Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Non superstar Kohl's looks!

My ugly temporary banner until my friend finishes my banner (:

Anyway, I created three non superstar looks with the new Kohl's clothes from 3 of the Kohl's shops: Abbey Dawn, Mudd & Candies. I made a certain clothing item the most important and bold bit of my outfit while I used normal non superstar clothes from ordinary shops.
Yes, I realized my outfit have virtually no colour but black & white to them but that's just my style, LOL.

Anyway, this is my Abbey Dawn outfit, the face tee is the main part. I actually like this.

Candies outfit, the jacket thing is the main feature. I actually do not like this outfit at all, I had a hard time creating something nice as I don't like the Candies shop very much. :S

Mudd outfit, the main feature is the checkered shirt & scarf. This is actually my favourite outfit, I'll probably wear this outfit in real life but with Converse :P

So what do you think?


Cherries648/Neon said...

The first outfit is hot.
I love it. ^^

Jezz` said...

I like your style :)

katara4 said...

i agree with jezz (now i'm hungry xD ... i want to eat the wrap *-* lol)
my fav of the is the 1st (but the shoes arent my style^^) and the 3rd outfit...

but i love all of them ^^