Monday, September 7, 2009

New Kohls Items!

As you've seen on many blogs there were spoilers!
People were thinking it was suppose to be of Kohls, and they were right!
They have released clothes in every section. (Candies, Abbey Dawn, and Mudd)
Also, in the right corner of each of the Kohls dressing rooms it says "Click here to go to the stardoll."
Which would pretty much... just guessing here... lead you to the stardoll modeling those clothes.
What's your favorite new released item from Kohls? I kind of like that Mudd Winter Jacket!


Brooke said...

i never notice the botton before
i also love the jacket knit sweater and scarfs oh and the striped red dress in candies

katara4 said...

hum... i love nearly all of them...
but my fav items are the bag, the apricot (?) shirt by mudd, the shirt, which avril lavigne is wearing and many more ;D