Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Buys Dress Released&Mistake!

Wait a minute, didn't we already pass the 30 million mark?
That's the mistake! Stardoll released the Hot Buys Dress and had a label of 30 million members on it! But why would stardoll make us pay 15 dollars for a dress that's suppose to come out anyways? So it's a little better that it's non-superstar? That's no reward stardoll, no reward. Now if it was free for everybody that might be a little different! But it would come into stores anyways!
You did a much better job at 20 million members.

Naomi_b says:
A vertical coloured dress! That's what I would call it. The fit is sleek!
The unique pattern can be worn with different coloured panty hose/leggings or a simple jacket.
It may be a bit overpriced but will be a sure attraction for buyers!
Its an everblooming dress because it has colours that are quite in nowadays.


xoxoJ said...

I can't wait to buy this, I'm saving up right now. I am loving stardoll right now for releasing hot buys for non SS

Brooke said...

i bought it anyways
but they better have a better 40mil members thing!! lol

katara4 said...

i bought it with my other acc... i had to take the chance to buy a non-ss dress xd

naomi_b said...

thnx for publishing my review dear!