Monday, September 7, 2009

10 Hot Non-Superstar Shoes! :D

Well I kind of got the 10 Hot Non-superstar Shoes idea from the 10 Hot Buys. :)
Stardoll has actually given the non ss a good variety of shoes. There not superstar shoes, but they are still pretty hot! I didn't go through ALL of the shoes I took the first 10 Hot ones I could find. ;] The price for each shoe is above it!
Check it out:


Brooke said...

the 3 dollar ones are my fav!!

Jezz` said...

The Gladiators are aweosme [:

Fashion Spoiled said...

i only see 2 hot shoes and thats the Rio cut out platform shoe and the rio melissa inspired shoe

DaddysAngel02 said...

Everybody has their opinions. :P

katara4 said...

i like most of them ^.^
but the orange & the pair of hoes above it, isnt my style... :P