Monday, September 7, 2009

Not what I was thinking, But Good Enough!

Well remember the post of the Brazilian clothes? I think it was the last post, Lol. :D
Well anyways stardoll put out some clothes for 2-3 stardollars.
I kinda wanted clothes to match the clutch but I guess it's good enough.
I wonder what people are going to wear with this?
It's only 2 and 3 stardollars so the price isen't that bad plus non-superstar.
Are you going to get creative with it? See anybody being creative? Tell me! :D

Love it?<3
Hate it? :|


xoxoJ said...

I think the top and skirt is cute but I'm not a fan of the knee long boots.

Brooke said...

for the prices i might buy but idk

katara4 said...

i think i will buy the top and the skirt... -> they are quite cheap :D and i like the top ^^