Friday, September 4, 2009

New Writer-Needed!

So all our writers are dropping like flies!

I need to hire somebody who fills the following:

-Good Spelling
-Must be a follower- To show your dedicated.
-Great with updates, nothing boring
-Won't leave the blog because school. I have school to I know it can be hard so breaks are fine but won't leave the blog.
Most likely I will put you on a writer test first. Meaning I will see if you would do good to my blog. Like if you didn't post at all just one post, then you'd fail the writers test. :)

If you are interested please sign the comments saying why and how you would make a good writer. Please don't contact me through mail I'm having some troubles with it at the moment so yeah. Also 300 followers raffle coming, raffle posted within time.


nfughd said...

Yeah !! i would love to write for this blog , its amazing that i have so much time on the computer ! i am going into grade 5 so i still i plenty of to to write for this blog

also i am pretty go at updates because well , i am on stardoll alot
i think this is a good thing ... PICK ME !! * i am webkinzcraze101 in stardoll !

Mads said...


I'd luh-ve to get the chance to be a blog writer for this blog.I have ablog myself,and have experience writing.
I am always on stardoll,and I think I have the writing talent.


Rare-Trading said...

Id love to write for the blog..
I can have quite creative posts like i dont mind taking lots of screen shots and putting them together to make a who wore it best or something? I'd be dedicated and wouldnt let u down! =]

Anonymous said...

I would love to write for your blog!
Though juggling between, school and stuff, I could post about 2 - 3 times a week?

x Rebecca(:
Contact me through Stardoll

Katherine9870 said...

OMG! I would love to write for this blog.
I know how hard it is to try and write with a team thats not too big! I write for:
Lala's Looks & My own blog
(But I have written for other blogs in the past). I am VERY dedicated. So i do try and Post every 2 days. I am very good with updates! If you want to contact me:
My stardoll name is Katherine9870

naomi_b said...

i am very much interested
its like a dream to be a writer at ur blog
well my blog is
i would definately try my very best to post as much as i can

BeccaXD said...

I'd love to be a writer for you guys, but idk if you'd take me on or not. I mostly post everyday, but sometimes my computer spazes up, so you know. ButI'll be using my dad's computer more often becuase mine's kinda broken.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a writer for your blog.
I know all of the latest free things and I can advertise this blog in my club which has 278 members and on my profile aswell.
Please give me a test trial so you can see what I like.
I promise I will post every time I'm on the internet which is every day.
Thank you for reading.
I am leeandcleo on stardoll

pj1991 said...

i like be a writer for this blog.
I write for
i spent my time on computer is 10 hours, in this time i mostly play on stardoll and searching free things.
I also apply for
and the owner of this blog agree to choose me as a writer.
My stardoll id is pj1991.

Rachweee123 said...

Hello, I would love to write for this blog.
I have good spelling, grammar and punctuation and I enjoy writing, well...typing! I am on Stardoll everyday so I can post about Stardoll news and fashion on a regular basis.
Thanks for reading (:

Stardoll username: Rachweee123

Avril14140 said...

I am looking for blog where i can be writer...and finally i got that chance!I think i will be very good writer of this blog!I am very active on Stardoll..i will write a lot of posts...pick me if you think i deserve that..:) acount name on Stardoll is Avril14140..=)..

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I want to show I still love and care for this blog, so could I help you judge it?

Raine/ pink-penguin3

Megan said...

I'd love to write for your blog.
I've been a follower for months now, and I simply love the blog! I've had my own blog for 9 months now, but its nowhere near as good as this one!
I'm on Stardoll every day, so I'd be able to update the blog regularly with all the latest gossip.

My Stardoll Username is Supersonic1995

rockgal_1995 said...
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rockgal_1995 said...

Hello, I'm a dedicated follower to your blog, I particularly love the sections on make-overs and make-up. I love writing, and my poem has even been published :) I write for my sister's blog,, and I've put in some pretty good features there, such as Interview With a Scammer, and more. I can also do Look of the Day, which is an outfit based on the Pick of the Day on Stardoll.

I have good grammar, punctuation, spelling and of course vocabulary. I think that writing for this blog would give me a chance to (forgive me if this sounds a bit cheesy) expand my horizons on Stardoll.

Please consider hiring me as a writer on your blog, as I'm sure I would fulfill your requirements! Thank you.


katara4 said...

i really want to bea writer for this blog, but i'm writer now for 3 blogs, and school will start soon -.-
so i think, i wont enter :/

Adrienne said...

Hey, sorry I havent posted in the past couple days. I'm in L.A. right now but I'll be back home tommorow =]

xoxoJ said...

I'm interested in being a writer for your blog because I know I have a lot to offer, I'm not a superstar but I think it's an advantage for me because many stardoll member aren't superstars but still want to achieve a great outfit and style and I would be able to help out. I've tried to make my own blog but it hasn't been working out, so I thought why not just write for another blog and help make it a huge success, so when I saw this post I thought it would be the perfect chance to get my writing out there. I'm currently in the 8th grade and the only time I would really need to take a break would be when I have midterms and finals. I am also very active so I would be able to bring new and exciting news everyday. I'm not going to lie, I have just started following you but I can assure you that your blog is already amazing and I just hope I can be a part of this success.

xoxoJ said...

Sorry I got so carried away I forgot to include my stardoll username, it's LittleLadyJ77.

Wooldoor said...

Hey Jackie!
I really couldn't care less if u decide not to pick me, so I just want a what you humans call; "a try!"
Umm, yeah, haha

Muffins0012 said...

Jackie its Muffins0012, I'd love to write and Im soo desprate! It would be a dream come true, I Write exciting posts, do makeovers, can print screen and i have a banner


Doinky ♥ said...

Hi Jackie!
I KNOW I have good spelling! I despise improper grammar to the point where I find it hard to text using "text-language." ;)
Updates will not be boring, they would be interesting to the readers.
As for school, I have stuck through a magazine, my own personal stardoll account and my blog all during midterms week and still managing an A average. If that doesn't speak commitment, I don't know what will! :)

-----Quick Facts-----
I am sixteen.
I am in my Jr. year at high school.
I am skilled in Photoshop. I can do MUCH more than simple screenshots if needed.

USERNAME : Doinker_chic

xoxoJ said...

I just realized I typed in a different username,
Sorry about that it's actually LittleLadyJ, go ahead and contact me if you need to.
I also have 1 last thing to add, I am skilled at photofiltre which can even be better than photoshop when it's used right.

Sugalover said...

Hello xD
i would love to write for your blog :]
I am on stardoll everday
And spend most of my time on the computer xD
The only problem is phtoshop
I don't knwo how to use it or even have it
But my friend make's them and said if i get in she will make a Headrer picture for me xD

Laura said...

I'd love to :)

Brooke said...

I'd Love Too! I usually sign comments with not so proper writing, I don't try. But If I got the chance to write here my writing would be 100%!
I promise!<33
I love your blog, by the way.
I sign SO MANY Comments!

Lies153 said...

I would LOVE it to write for this blog!!!
I already writed for some other blogs so i am an EXPERT! :D ;]
(But that blogs are not so populair... :/ )
I will write every day and i wil hold sooo many comps & polls!
It would be a HONOR to write for this AMAZING blog!

-Some things about me-
My name is Lisa
My username is Lies153
I live in holland
Im on stardoll since may 2008.
(not so long....)
Im REALLY good with Photoshop!
I can make almost everything!
Ex.I can put hair from dressup dolls on medolls. :)