Monday, September 7, 2009

Find the first season candies!

Well as I noticed the Candies Second season come, where is the first season?
They aren't in the Kohls section, but I found them!
For these three search pink shirt and go to page 3! There they are!

For these search grey and then on pages 6 and 7 you will find them.

For these search black dress then on page 4 you will find them!

That's all of them that I did! If you need any more just look up the color and what type of item it is. You'll find it! ;] I also forgot why I numbered them! Lol! I had an idea but I forgot it, my bad!


Brooke said...

thank you!!!!
i wasen't able to buy that many so now i now i can still buy them!!

katara4 said...

i was very shocked when i saw the new collection but i couldnt find the 'old' one...
but then i thought i can search it, so i find a few items ;D
i'll definately buy some of them^^

but thx for telling me ^^