Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Kohl's Outfits

The new Kohl's collection has a wide variety of versitile, and stylish clothes. So I decided to take these clothes and create a few outfits for you all. I worked to use the clothes in new and interesting ways. I tried finding my own personal style that could help you find yours. The first look is very European. The top that is feature is a top that most would just put over a pair of jeans. So I decided to go the opposite route and go with a mini-skirt. I complimented that with a pair of suspenders from Rio Chicos. My second outfit is the most alike my personal style. Its stylish, layered, and High Fashion. The purple Kohl's top works perfectly under Bisou's ripped denim vest. The colors are different but blend to create a whole new look. The thisr outfit is very unique. I used two mudd scarves to create a wrap that greatly complimented this black dress. I used a pair of Black Star tights as well to complete the look. The fourth and final look is a rocker chic look. I wanted the top to shine all on its own and not have many other things distracting the viewer. But I did add some flair with the Grace Jones bodysuit by just showing the legging. That legging adds a beautiful contrast in this outfit. So I hope you enjoyed these outfits and you know the drill. Let me know what you liked about these in the comments.

xo, Adrienne


katara4 said...

i think the 3rd one is very creative... ^^ and its my fav of these ^^
but the 4th is also great... - i love all of them :P

btw: where did you get the shirt of the 1st outfit???
its from abbey dawn, i know, but i cant find it >.<
i bought it with my other acc , but it's still a tunic -.-'

Jaylin said...

Thanks for sharing.!! All these outfits are truly awesome. Excited to see the entire Kohl's collection.