Monday, September 21, 2009


The best LE yet! :D

(i dont have much time, because i need to buy some things before they are GONE!) 

What did YOU bougth?


DEUTSCHLAND1989 said...

I have 12 things from new colection LE.. Go and check in my suite :DD
This is the best colection of LE

lizzie1393 said...

i spent over 1500sd on LE! it's expensive, but worth it. =]

there's even an item for non-superstars too! it a little green and pink bag.

Fashion.Fantasy said...

I have bought every item, exept the oversized bow dress and the short blue dress, there were not in stock anymore :(

Anonymous said...

u have so much lucky u can buy it
today is my birth day and i don't have money
until i'm ss i don't have money - i have 1 sd

Doinky ♥ said...

Erg I missed the Chanel bag :(

katara4 said...

i spent now more than 1000$ for le ... lol xD