Monday, September 7, 2009


Yes, I'm still wanting to post. I'm finding just about anything to post about! :D
Anyways, I guess we don't know what buy means! Because stardoll changed where it says "Buy" To "Buy Stardollars"
Yes, when they said "buy" I thought they were talking about monkeys. It's much clearer now! :D
Speaking of monkeys, my brothers are fighting. :P


Brooke said...

lol to
"I thought they were talking about monkeys"

Brooke said...

oh and yu posted like 10 tims today!!!

...Electra.... said...

I loved this post ^^

Meforeva said...

Brothers fighting!! Love it!
Not really I don't like boys they are......unusual!!

iStylista said...

Exactly...♥.thats why when it said "BUY" I'm like want me to buy rocketships or nail clippers? Hm...don't think so.

At least now i know i wasn't the only one (Monkeys, hint hint)
And doesnt look any fancier the maybe um...they got bored. No. I'm gonna buy monkeys now ...$$$