Saturday, September 5, 2009

Work With it, Not around!

This is just going to be something of an outfit post, you know?
It's actually a superstar outfit but if your a non-superstar I'm sure you can get creative and improvise! :D
Well, anyways... you know the Stardoll Girls Sheer Ruffle Blouse? It came out not to long ago..
Many users I have seen wear it have made an success but I want to show you how to work with it, not around. I mean that might not make sense but still.
For the look I choose it's just kinda all black with some gold pieces! I used the beret and it kinda gives it a sophisticate look. I think you could wear this to a stardoll party or just to have your medoll wearing it.

You might not like it, or you might. I just wanted to help! :)
The price and items are in the image, click to largen.


Brooke said...

could you do like a go blue makeup thing with a blue outfit?? like a complete look so then i have makeup blue and pretty outfit? thanks