Sunday, October 11, 2009

The winner is..

Avril14140: 10
9014_123_321 :14
katara4: 9
I dont know who i should choose because some people have MORE comments but the other one haves BETTER comments!
Soo.. YOU can choose! (yes,,, YOU!)


1. You can NOT ask others to vote for you.

You will be disqualified if you are breaking this rule.


katara4 said...

i'm one of these 3 ?!?
xO i cant believe it.. thx so much .. ^.^

good luck to the other girls!

i cant wait to see, who will win ;)

Mihaela said...

wow...Thank you!!:]

I can` wait too!!!!!

And...good luck girls!


9014_123_321 said...

That's a great way to decide. I'm so glad to be on the list!!

Good luck to the other two girls!!