Monday, October 5, 2009

New Theme?

Lies153 Here! :D
there are new spoilers! I ADORE them! :DDDD

I think its a new theme ! Uhh... maybe Miss Sassy? Because that text is on a top.. Everthing is soo cute! Especally ther belts and bags! I LOVE THEM! everything is sooo 'shiny'!  I already know im going to buy the leopard dress, the bags, some tops,shoes and that SHINY skirt O.O But i hate the boots -.-
What are you going to buy?  
And does anyone else know how to see the spoilers?


Anonymous said...

These are actually from the Barbie collection. They are in starplaza right now if you search red, pink, blue and white.

Naomi said...

Its from barbie shop
see on how to get them

katara4 said...

yeah, they are from the barbie shop..
the clothes are soo cute.. i really love them :P

talonofthehawk said...

Woah, that`s a lot of pink!

thanu said...

pink is the new trend