Monday, October 5, 2009

Some things

There is a new doll

I NEVER heard about them so i go to
I read that ther names are Lisa(like moi)  & Jess ? Really?!
Bio (written by J & L )
Jess has been known to date her guitar on a regular basis, but is currently having an affair with a Bass. Plans to save the world one foot in mouth statement at a time. Doesn't think before she inks...but is happy with that. Enjoys Kolas, does not enjoy fascists. Empowers freedom of speech, unless it differs from her views. KIDDING.kinda.
Lisa started dabbling in playing Synth and experimenting in string samples recently, until she puts her passion for wanting to learn drums into motion. Indecisive in most things. Will popacapinyour.. if you challenge her integrity.. or her sister. Enjoys Vinegar, does not enjoy sneaky, selfish people who only speak to hear the sound of their own voices.

The hotbuys jacket is out! Its really expensive and SS only! >:[ 
Do you like it?

And i want to say that Jackie has a great outfit :]


katara4 said...

i have heard about them berfore =)

i like the jacket very much.. and i bought it ;D

and i really love the outfit ^.^

DaddysAngel02 said...

I heard their song Untouched before.

I like the jacket :)

&&Thank you :)