Friday, October 16, 2009

Pink for October

The 'Pink for October' shop is out!

I hate the clothes D: Too much pink for me... And everything is SS! Stardoll wants to support Pink Ribbon right?They get money for this!So why they can make just some thing non-SS ? >:[
And everything is really expensive!! }=[
But now we have too pages of shops! :DD


Athena said...

Its ok for me ! But I will not buy all of them

katara4 said...

i mean, last year they were for non-ss too and cost not more than 10$ (i think..)
MAYBE i'll buy the leggings..;P

Mihaela said...

Yes..I like the leggings too..
I think It is cute..

9014_123_321 said...

Katara4 is right its much more expensive than last time!!!

I'm only buying the dress ( far right) and maybe the dark pink tank, or the neck scarf.

9014_123_321 said...

Oh and the dress on the far right is inspired by Marc Jacobs. :)