Friday, October 16, 2009

New Miss Sixty items.

When I logged into Stardoll, I went straight for my Stardoll inbox as it's the first thing I do when I log into Stardoll. :P

I saw a message from Stardoll advertising the new collection of Miss Sixty. I immediately rushed to the Starplaza, wanting to spend my stardollars on something nice for my doll as there hasn't been a great deal of nice releases from Stardoll lately.
This was the image that Stardoll showed me in the message. I have never been a fan of Miss Sixty but I thought it looked quite nice when I saw it in the message, probably because Stardoll used Photoshop or whatever to make it look appealing.

When I arrived at the starplaza, a disappointment greeted me. Most of the clothes were ugly and tacky looking in my opinion, especially the leopard print dresses, the jumpsuits and the tops with writing on them.

However there was a few items I liked, mostly accessories. You can see the items I liked below.
*I just realized I left out the taste print tank, it's one of my favourites too*

They are simple and most importantly, black. Black is one of my favourite colours, it goes with every colour and most black stuff will match whatever you wear.

What are your opinions on the new collection?


Athena said...

I like them so so much

katara4 said...

i like them very much... they are as expensive as the last miss sixty collection.. - but i bought the bag :D

Mihaela said...

I love the new miss sixty!!!!

9014_123_321 said...

I like most all the new miss sixty. Some of it is a little odd. Its still very cute over all. 8/10 stardoll XD