Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Phat Outfits

Baby Phat has always been my favorite brand to wear in real life. We can now get these fabulous designs over Stardoll! So I knew that I had to blog about these. I made two outfits pictured above that show the chic looks that you can find at baby phat. I loved the print of the top in the left picture. But the cut was just okay for me. So I took Pretty in Pink's Everyday vest and layered it under to give the top a futuristic sleeve. I accessorised to perfection with several items including the Baby Phat Sneakers which are similar to the old DKNY boots. A must buy. The outfit to the right is much simpler; but still completely chic. The jumpsuit accentuates the length of the body and will make your doll look much taller. Baby Phat is one of the best lines to enter Stardoll yet so you should get your hands on these right away!

xo, Adrienne


Avril14140 said...

yeah...i like that store...your outfits looks very nice!;)

katara4 said...

amazing outfits ^^