Friday, October 2, 2009


Finally the Baby Phat is in the starplaza!

I dont like this floor.... too chic! D:
But the first bag is great! :D

 I love this floor! Much better....
Hmm... Maybe i can hold a comp?
You only have to make an outfit! (IN YOUR SUITE!)
Fill out this form and post it in the comments:
Stardoll name:
Outfit: ''link''
Ends: 10 October
Ist'n that cool!?


iStylista said...

I'm going to enter soon! :)
This is an amazing comp. Thank you! U r a very active blog owner ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow you should have a sale

Because your broke! lol

katara4 said...

i want to enter the comp ^^
so, here's the pic:

name: katara4

hope you like it ;D

and i really love the 2nd floor *-*

Anonymous said...


Jackie said...

It's called a typo, get over it! Your not perfect and I doubt you will ever be! Especially when you point out other peoples problems, that's your problem!