Thursday, October 1, 2009


Rest in peace stardoll.
Alot of people leave stardoll. Most of the are 'elites'
Stardoll is getting boring. All 'gossip' blogs are dead too.
And followers dont comment much as before! THATS WHY I HOLD A COMP. Every week i choose someone who is the BEST commentor. (NOT the person who comments the most) That person gets some gifts of they choice. Every week the best commentor gets MORE prizes.(ist'n that cool....)
(nothing else i can say)


Talia EMILYmileyrocks said...

can you do me a favour and post this?

i dont comment much cause it crashes my computer

Anonymous said...

not suppose to advertise she said it a while ago


Avril14140 said...

I agree with you Stardoll getting little boring...=/...But thats good idea for best commentor!!

katara4 said...

i agree with you.. stardoll is getting a bit boring...
but i will never leave stardoll... i found there too much friends, i lvoe them all :P

but the idea is cool ^^

Donna said...

Yeah, I agree, a lot of people are leaving stardoll, and things are pretty slow.
But I actually think that Stardoll knows this, since they're making putting in so much effort to make new brands like Miss Sixty, Red Carpet, and Baby Phat!
And I think the best commentor comp is a great idea :)

Jezz` said...

it's saddening. :/
like, stardoll was good a while ago, i'd say and then like, things changed.