Friday, April 3, 2009

.Will you vote?.

Hey,me again xD.I was doing something when I saw this at advertise.Stardoll wants ur to vote for him.Idk,it's great page with great dolls,chlothes and new stuffs but it just isn't fair.I can't confirm my mail,I send confirm mail like 100 times but I never got mail!My friend was hacked and she send em mail with refrences they just said Don't give your password.When you got hacked,they don't give you stuffs back,only if your parents contact them.They become expensive with codes now...And the most important,they think Superstarts are better!One girl contact them,and they said thay have more ss items because ss pays to play with that.They never delete scammers..Ugh..can't they do better?But,I will vote for them,will you? xD :D

--->Btw,I have stuffs for bid.
->DKNY sequins scarf
->DKNY Flannel jacket
->Hb black dress
->HB pink dress
->DKNY hearts ruffle->trade for falling hearts only (;


Lauren said...

ya i already have voted for them :P