Saturday, April 11, 2009

Make-up tutorials?

I think this blog should have Make-up tutorials!
Maybe one of the blog writers can do that?
I would but I don't really put on that much make-up on my me-doll so I might not be so good in it.
Or maybe I can get another writer for the blog.
With AppleBlossom00 gone, it's going to be sad.
I guess we will have to see.
Maybe somebody will volunteer.


baturyngirl said...

That would be really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Another writer eh?
I'd be up for that ;)

Rachweee123 said...

I'll like to write for this blog.

Sarah said...

Id love to do make-up tutorials!
my medoll ways alot a make-up =P
Check out: Sarah_Sugerplum

AnnA-twilighter said...

I would love to do that aswell. I love experimenting with make-up and stuff on my me-doll.
I volunteer!!

Wooldoor said...

Hey Jackie.. Pick me! I would loove to do it.. and write otha stuff!!